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Medicare Made Clear

Preparing for Medicare

Once eligible for Medicare you have many options and should expect your monthly premiums to range between $0 and $350 depending on the plan(s) and optional benefits you choose. The monthly premiums are the same whether you order direct or through an agent. As an independent agent I represent Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans from 8 different insurance companies. If I don’t represent the right solution for you, I’ll connect you with someone who does.

All options available to you require that you continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium unless you qualify for certain low income assistance programs. For more information about such programs visit Medicare’s website. www.Medicare.gov under the Your Medicare Costs tab.

Top Six (6) things to consider when preparing for Medicare.

1)      Do you have an offer from a previous employer for retirement benefits? How much is your monthly contribution and what level of coverage are they offering?

2)      Ask your doctors if they accept Medicare. Do you have a preferred hospital or medical group? Have the names of those doctors and hospitals available.

3)      Write down your list of medications and dosages. There are over 20 prescription drug plans available in California and the cost of drugs between plans may be significant.

4)      Are you interested in dental, vision, or hearing aids? Medicare does not cover these services, but there are options available to obtain these services.  If you have favorite dentist, have the name available.

5)      Think about how you like to budget.  Would you rather pay more in monthly premium and less when you use services or pay less in monthly premium and pay more when you use services?

6)      Will you travel to other areas of the country for significant periods of time?

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